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How it Works

By personalising the entire shopping journey, Brauz connects retail stores and brands to shoppers before they search online

Our Solution

Brauz uses personal preferences and actual location to help customers instantly connect to nearby stores and brands.


Brauz marketplace

Near Stores

In-Store Device


Staff personalisation app

Our Technology

Brauz uses real-time data, IoT technology, mobile-first design and data science to fully integrate the in-store and online shopping experience.


Brauz helps people shop more efficiently in-store

Personalised Proximity Notifications

Our in-store device sends personalised product recommendations to shopper's phones, attracting them in-store.

Live Product Orders

Brauz sends all product orders directly to floor staff via the in-store app, providing customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Personalised In-Store Customer Experience

The in-store experience app alerts floor staff when customers walk into your store. Your staff can greet them by name and recommend products based on their shopping behaviour and preferences.

Getting Started

Help people find stores stocking your brand

  • Make your brand discoverable on Brauz (it's FREE!)
  • Let us know the location of stores stocking your brand
  • The Brauz app recommends nearby stores to shoppers using their actual location

Help people buy products from your retail store

  • Activate your store and receive your ready-to-use in-store device
  • Add or Import Products via your Brauz login or integrate inventory using our API
  • The Brauz app processes orders in real-time to help people buy products and pick-up direct from stores

Help your staff personally connect with customers in-store

  • Invite staff to the In-Store Experience App by email
  • Staff app accounts are activated upon entering your store and are notified of customers walking in or purchases made through Brauz
  • Download the In-store experience to your store iPad and share, or iOS for individual service

Get your store or brand started for free!

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