A Brand New Innovative
Shopping Platform Has Arrived.

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You know how to shop, you’ve got your own aesthetic and individual style. From fashion, home decorating to the latest trends in activewear, or sporting goods. Shopping online used to be simple, fast and fun. A few clicks and you were exactly where you needed to be.... but things have changed, you’re now steered online by the businesses with the biggest budgets – not by the fashions and products that best suit your searches.

There’s a brand new app tipped to solve these shopping dramas, BRAUZ which has been specifically created to personalise all of your favourite brands and products in one place, making shopping easy and fun again. We can now create collections and mood boards to find and curate our own personal style and have the products we actually want at our fingertips in seconds.

Brauz is the new way to shop – for men and women. Fashion, homewares, electrical, boutique items, baby; kids and more...

By simply liking items on sites that suit your personal style, the Brauz algorithm takes over and creates your own personal style profile, making it really easy to discover a new item or brand you’ll love, not the items and brands that were chosen for you by advertising executives. When you’ve found your perfect buys, simply tap to find it locally or tap for 3 hour delivery in your area.

Out and about? Geofencing technology sends a notification when you’re near a store that sells the brand or product you are following, a really cool feature unique to Brauz that allows you to discover stores you may not have known about before – and retailers you love can send you a special offer or let you know about new things based on your personal “likes”. We can now communicate with our favourite stores and brands, creating a personalised shopping experience like no other.

It’s free to sign up now and Brauz.com are currently offering a $5 voucher to spend when you do. PLUS an additional $20 to spend on Brauz.com if you invite your friends.

Your own personal shopper is here, at last, and it’s right at your fingertips! Get it now and check it out for yourself!