Frequently Asked Questions


Why use Reserve In-Store?


Right now, some of your online customers are on your website looking for nearby stores.

Like many retail websites these shoppers need to use store directories, stock indicators or find in store features to try and find a nearby store stocking the item they like.

Many walk into your stores and your staff have no idea what they’re looking for, some even pick up the phone and ask you to hold items so they don’t miss out.

Then there’s the ones who give up and go elsewhere….

These shoppers want to learn more about your products, try them on, need them in a hurry or simply don’t want to buy online.

Reserve In-Store helps you convert these shoppers into customers by making it easier to hold items in-store.

If you want an indication of how many people want to reserve from your website, check your traffic analytics and see how many browsers use your find store features every month.

Currently our retail customers convert around 30% of all reservations into sales.

By preparing for customers, our retailers are able to provide in-store experience that lead to customers purchasing more than just the item/s they reserved.

Every reservation is the beginning of a great shopping experience!


Will Reserve In-Store take away from my ecommerce sales?


Not at all.

People making purchases are ready to buy.

People reserving items need a little help, they want to try items, see them in person or get a little guidance to make sure they make the right purchase decision.

We work closely with our retail clients to help them optimise their Reserve In-Store experience.

Here’s some tips to get the most out of your Reserve In-Store experience.


Will Reserve In-Store work on my website?


Absolutely! Our solution is easy to set up and works with all types of ecommerce platforms.
A team member will send you an invite to Brauz Command shortly and take you through the easy steps to get started.

It’s free to set up and best of all, you don’t start paying until your customers start making reservations!


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