Add Stores

Import your store list in the stores tab of Brauz Command. Download our stores template to make sure you upload your stores in the correct format.

Upload your full store list, you will be able to select stores for trials from the list and easily activate all stores when you go live or deactivate stores as you need.

Customise emails and text messages Next >
Customise Emails and Text Messages

Edit text messages and upload branded email templates in the messages tab of Brauz Command to customise communications throughout the reservation process.

  1. Change your password using the link in the email.
  2. Download Brauz iQ from the App Store or Play Store

You can now login using your new password. Once you've logged in, your store will be ready to receive customer reservations.

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Add Reserve In-Store to your product pages Next >
Add Reserve In-Store to Your Product Pages

You have 2 options to add the Reserve In-Store button to your product pages on your website, go to the developer tab of Brauz Command and choose:

  1. Item Ready
  2. Item Unavailable
  1. Customise our Reserve In-Store form and add our Java Script
  2. Connect your Reserve In-Store form using our API

Both options can be easily implemented on any ecommerce platform. Use our developer hacks to make Reserve In-Store dynamic, based on stock or other preferences.

Invite stores to downlad Brauz iQ Next >
Invite Stores to Download Brauz iQ

Go to the stores tab and invite your stores to download Brauz iQ. An email will be sent to each store with instructions to change their password and download the app.

To help guide your staff to the best use of Reserve In-Store, follow our store help guide.

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Done! You're ready to test your Reserve In-Store experience Next >
Test Your Reserve In-Store Experience

You can send a test Reservation to each store using the test button in the stores tab or by testing the Reserve In-Store button on your staging site.

To help with testing we advise you to use our test user name:
First name: Buzz
Last name: Lightyear

Time to Go Live! Next >
Go Live

You're now ready to move your Reserve In-Store experience into production and go Live.

  1. Change your password using the link in the email.
  2. Download Brauz iQ from the App Store or Play Store

Every reservation is the beginning of a great shopping experience.

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