Brauz and Zoom Join Forces to Accelerate Livestream Shopping


“Our collaboration with Zoom has allowed us to bring these interactive experiences into people’s homes and create a new sense of borderless shopping without the typical geographic constraints.”


According to Hardham, virtual shopping appointments have opened up retailers to a new range of customers, and creates a “safer space” for those who have otherwise been unable to reach a brand’s physical stores – such as people with disabilities or people in rural Australia.


Brauz works with brands such as Nike, Puma, Forever New, Michael Hill and Cue to deliver omnichannel shopping options for customers.


Cue chief information and digital officer Shane Lenton said the option has been a “game changer”, and increased the business’ average order value five fold and its virtual appointments have a conversion rate of 60 per cent.


“The numbers speak for themselves and reflect customer demand for more convenient shopping experiences via digital channels,” Lenton said.


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July 6, 2021

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